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Any tips for sharing database and photos stored on a nas

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  • Any tips for sharing database and photos stored on a nas

    So I bought Ultimate 2020 for the 3 licences

    I have 25000 photos stored on my synology nas. I've put my acdsee database on there and I want to use the same database on three pc's, obviously I won't access them at the same time. Does anyone do this? Are there any tips or tricks I need to know. This is a deal breaker for me.

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    I think others may be using the configuration you described, but my experience is network access of the DB over a ~450Mb wireless network is a performance penalty was too much for my tastes
    (150k+ images on a NAS.)

    Wired 1G (or 2.5G) may be better.

    Instead, I let a couple PCs manage their own databases locally. Seems to work for me.


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      I agree with GusPanella if you want performance wired is better. But it works on wi-fi.

      I did not go for NAS but a large SSD drive. NAS give better safety with backup and redundancy. I got a cloud backup every day of the drive. For performance I got over wi-fi is acceptable. (As long as you are not doing this for a living).

      On the external SSD drive that is mapped to a desktop, I keep a photo repository. I share that across three desktops laptops. Works well. The ACDSee database is individual on each desktop/laptop. We embed the metadata.


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        I understand embedding data, but how does that work with albums and categories? Will it create the same albums and categories on another pc?


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          Originally posted by Riverboat2001 View Post
          I understand embedding data, but how does that work with albums and categories? Will it create the same albums and categories on another pc?
          If the data is embedded in the picture. From the second PC, set up your individual database. Then run Tools, Database, Catalog Files. It will then read the metadata from all your pictures and update the second database. The properties for Albums and Categories should then be visible.

          - Your picture repository is now shared but the database is individual for both or every PC. Is this supported by ACDSee? I can't answer for ACDSee Support. This setup would not normally be supported.

          What can go wrong?
          - Can both PC update the picture repository? In theory yes. But definitely not supported by the technology\arcitecture ACDSee is using. A multi-user application is quickly more complicated. There are also some license agreement complications here.

          If the second user is only reading and looking at the picture. I think you would be fine. Whatever you do - take backups of your pictures.


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            Good point. I make extensive used of IPTC keywords and ACD's good search engine and "auto categories".
            Initially, I did it to avoid locking in to a single vendor, but have grown to like it.


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              Ultimate 2020 comes with three licences so that takes care of that.

              Can i just clarify that you're suggesting that while my photos reside on the synology NAS, the individual catalogues should be stored separately on each individual PC?

              So, I work on the desktop PC, tagging, rating, renaming files. Then close program on the desktop, ensure all metadata is embedded on closure, and finally confirm Synology has finished syncing.
              And catalogue file would be stored somewhere on the desktop PC
              Then, later on,
              Open Laptop : Have a separate database on there, but accessing the same folders/files and as long as i confirm each file is once again embedded on exit, they should work harmoniously?

              I can see that this would ensure that neither database could overwrite another, thus ensuring no "conflicts" on/in the database files.

              I have noticed another thing doing it my way, in the view mode, i created some Keyword sets, (love this feature, sorely missing in On1) seeing as both PC's are sharing the same database files, I assumed that the Keyword sets would be the same in each PC, but they're not. The same for category sets


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                So as a trial to see how this individual database would work.
                On the Desktop I did some face recognition and tagged maybe twenty different people.
                I also did some ACDSee keywording and categorisation.
                I ensured I embedded the information.
                When i created a new catalog and browsed to those same images, there were no face/keywords/categories associated them.

                I had assumed that as i had embedded the information it would have travelled across.

                If i'm going to have individual databases, but working on the same images how do i ensure that the work done on "Desktop - ACDS" is reflected when i fire up "Laptop ACDS"


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                  Riverboat2001 When you embed the ACDSee Metadata you push the keyword, catalogues and more down to the picture. Let's say you have done that on laptop ONE.

                  You then start using laptop TWO. These two laptops share the picture repository but got individual databases. From laptop TWO you will not see the new and updated categories you did from laptop ONE. First, you need to perform a Database, Catalog files. It updated the database with the metadata that is in your pictures. If you created a new keyword or catalogue when working on laptop ONE, they will be available after the Catalog File procedure.

                  For Face Detection, there is an 'Import ACDSee Face Data' function. I assume you need to import his from laptop ONE.

                  I am sceptical of working this way. Things can quickly get out of control and out of sync. You need to be very disciplined. What about record-locking, if two people are updating the same thing at the same time? From a DB point if view, we should be ok, since it is two different databases. How the photo repository handles a situation like that. Who knows! I think you quickly set yourself up for some trouble. This might be one of the benefits with ACDSee 365? I don't know. ACDSee Support needs to answer that.


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                    Oh, I do not use the face recognition feature either... so my process may not work for those that do.

                    Develop Mode edits stored in the XML sidecar files (instead of the database)

                    TO make sure you get a reminder to embed ACDSee metadata, there us a checkbox [Tools>Options>Database). The next time you close ACD, a dialog box opens and offers to embed the new data into the changed files themselves.

                    I just have each computer scan the same directories to update their individual databases themselves. Since the actual file edits are in the sidecar, every computer sees the edits.
                    I am not sure if this would would in heavy use environments.

                    Emil has directions where a central machine is used to do the scanning and the updated database is propagated to other machines. (May be more robust than the process I just described.)


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                      GusPanella any chance you could point me to the post you referenced in your last post please? (by Emil)


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                        This is pretty simple. Or, I should say after many years, we at least got used to the procedures :-)
                        1. We have only one master machine that is allowed to edit categories, but all machines may edit any iptc meta data.
                        2. All machines use the same folder, which is located on a share for their shortcuts pane. (A symbolic link in %APPDATA%\ACD System.)
                        3. On all machines, we create collections in the shortcuts pane using shortcut files (.lnk). These collections then are imported to the categories on the master machine. (Don't mix this with the AC collections, which we don't use at all.)
                        4. All machines update their dbs with fresh itpc meta data when browsing the files automatically.
                        5. If important iptc meta data is changed on various files scattered in the file base, we create shortcut files (.lnk) to these files in to a single temporary folder on a share, all machines then browse this folder to update their local dbs.
                        6. I occasionally export content of the categories into text files and use a self made program to rebuild the categories with shortcut files in the folder used for shortcuts pane (see #2.) (At the moment this contains we have 531,685 .lnk files in 52,823 folders.)
                        7. I occasionally delete older categories on the master machine. (At the moment we have 4225 Categories n the master machine. This changes several times a day.)
                        As you see, shortcut files and symbolic links are your friend if it comes to AC:-)

                        A modern program would allow us to browse all files and edit all meta data with an internet browser and keep a single db on a server. But all solutions I know of are much to slow and/or very expensive.
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