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Sharing Database File Between Two or More Machines?

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  • Sharing Database File Between Two or More Machines?

    I know that there was a recent post somewhat touching on this topic, but my question was not really addressed: is it possible to share one database file between two computers? As in, all of my images are stored on an external drive plugged into my desktop. I manage my images primarily from my desktop, but sometimes, I will import and do quick edits from my laptop, which has network access to my desktop's external drive. The desktop and the laptop have their own separate database files. Instead of having both computers maintain separate database files, would it be safe to point both computers to the same file that way if I move a file using one computer I am not creating orphan files for my other computer? I suspect that this is not possible, but I thought I would check to see if anyone has successfully done it. I don't want to try and accidentally destroy my main database. Thanks.