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  • Organization help, new to this program

    Is there a way to import photos into a folder based on month and not each specific date the picture was taken?

    Can i organize all my photos by month and year and delete duplicates with this program?

    I have all my photos in a folder, separated by year, but it has become unorganized and a mess over the past 10 years.

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    The import dialogue offers a "format" field for this. Change it to "YYYY\MM" . I can't recommend it, though: The import dialogue can use the current date or the file modified date only, but not any exif dates. This might be useful with brand new images, that get imported the day they are shot, or with images that never have been changed (not even any meta data). But for reorganizing existing files bases, to me it's seem pretty useless.

    There's plenty of better programs, their downside is that you need to catalogue the new image hive in AC.

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      You can make a monthly folder. After standard image transfer, drag and drop new YYYYMMDD folder to the targeted monthly folder.