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CR2 "grays out in Develope Mode

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  • CR2 "grays out in Develope Mode

    recently noticed that when i view images in Window Photo Viewer and in ACDSee Manage the CR2 files look "normal" and identical to the images with jpg extentions. However when the CR2 opens in Develope mode the image takes on a 'gray" over lay, not sure how to describe it. The jpg version views fine in all ACDSee modules. Any thoughts?

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    Fotobob - Just a guess, but it sounds like you may be making a common mistake of trying to compare a preview image to a raw image. When you view an undeveloped CR2 file in any viewer program (ACDSee included), what you are actually seeing is a preview image created by your camera and embedded inside the CR2 file. The only time you can see the real Raw image is when you open it in Develop Mode. The preview image contains all of the enhancements that your camera can create including Canon Camera Styles, etc. In Develop Mode, you see the real raw image with no enhancements. And, that's the whole idea of Raw -- to bypass camera created image enhancements and allow the photographer to control the entire development process themselves. Hope this helps.
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