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  • Recorder problem Help need

    Hello, I been trying for the past two days to get the Recorder to record a video from the web that I been watching. The problem I am having it. First time I recorded it. There was no sound and the second time it recorded the sound plus the ambit sound in the room. What I like to know is how to set it up so it will only recorder the sound coming from the video that I want to record. if there is a depth video on how to use just this portion it would be helpful.

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    Download Real player.


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      Hi biMichigan,

      On the right side of the the Video Recorder window, you can find the audio settings. Please ensure that System Audio is enabled and Microphone is disabled. If you have a webcam plugged in, you should disable Webcam as well if you don't plan on using it in the video. See the attached screenshot for these settings.

      Tristan H.
      ACD Systems