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    Does anybody know which file (or files) under the "default" folder in "Catalogs" that control the Custom sort log?
    I have put a lot of effort in sorting pictures in a certain order (not name or date order) but just pictures that belong together but they are all in the same folder.
    For some reason ACDSee crashes a couple of times a year, and then the order disappears, and I have to do it all over again.
    When I start the program again, I get a new, clean "Default" folder, but I still have the old one with all its data, and in there somewhere the Custom sort data should exist.

    Are there anyone that can advice me on how to transfer that order to the new installation?
    It should be greatly appreciated, since I now have two folders in particular with a lot of "custom sort" done to them.

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    I now see that this came into the wrong group. Maybe some Forum master can move it to "ACDSee" group?


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      Custom sorting is stored in the database only.
      It is supported for a single folder, category or collection only.
      It can not be embedded.
      It is not covered by "descript.ion" files.

      I'd say it only is useful if you rename your files (F2) after sorting.

      Some additional info: Link


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        Sounds like bad news.
        So it means I can never recover the sorting, I guess....
        Thats a problem, I do not want to rename, since the naming tells me the origin of the picture, and it is different on several of them.

        Just one thing; when you say it is only supported for one folder; I have sorting in hords of folders.....So that seems to work.
        What do you mean it is stored in the database only? What file is that? How is it named?
        (sorry, I am not very familiar with the set up of the program)


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          I don't know which of the over hundred files in the db does actually contain the custom sorting. It might even vary if you use custom sorting for folders, categories or collections. Also, a copy of one of the files in the db most likely will not work with another db.

          The usual way to sort images from various folders would to
          - create a collection or category
          - assign the images to it
          - sort the collection/category as needed
          and keep the sorting in the db only.

          That's the way how AC works. So, if you loose your db, you will loose your custom sorting.

          I don't see any other way than renaming the images file. However if your fine with prepending the file names with numbers I do see some light by using symblic links created into new folders. This allows to have multiple sorted collections of existing files w/o the need of copies and any db at all.

          Instead of describing symbolic links myself, let me give you a link. Hermann's English is better than mine :-)