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Quick-Search-Filter not working ??

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  • Quick-Search-Filter not working ??

    first of all I MUST complain the behavior of ACDSee-Forum-Systems ... I do have respect for SPAM-protections and hackers ... but "my godness!!" ... Imagine what I had to do to come here :

    1.) enter the captcha-text
    2.) enter a letter
    3.) enter another letter ..

    finally .. my registration was accepted .. but wait a minute .. no - not completly - first an administrator must verify and release my account, which took 24 hours !!!!
    You must be kidding ... most people who want to write something here .. would have given up .. or forgotten what to write....

    THIS IS THE WORST FORUM-REGISTRATION-PROCEDURE I ever met .. and I've registered in many trough my 50years lifetime

    *****************storm-End ;-)

    Now to my question :

    What is that "quick-search"-field in the right upper corner for ? Windows-Users would expect that it can be used as a filter for the content - but : no matter what I enter there (e.g. *flowers* or *.png) ... no flowers png-files .. the content remains empty .. so how is it expected to filter by parts of the filename ?

    I'd be glad if someone can teach me to filter.
    Thank You

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    Hi Stephan,

    Quick Search doesn't currently support wildcard characters like *, so if you include that in a search term, you are searching for the literal character *. Also, Quick Search will only return results for file names that begin with the search term. You can read more about Quick Search's capabilities here:

    If you want to run searches using wildcards, you can do that using the Search pane. This is a much more powerful searching interface than Quick Search, which is meant as more of a "light duty", quick to configure search. You can read about what the Search pane can do here:
    In addition, there is a separate help topic describing what wildcards are supported by the Search pane:

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems