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How can I edit GPS data in the exif information?

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  • How can I edit GPS data in the exif information?

    I have a LOT of historic photos of buildings in the region I live in. I know EXACTLY where they are and would like to update the exif information of each photo with the GPS location. How can I do this?

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    Hi John,

    You can use the Map pane to add geotagging information to your photos' EXIF metadata. You can open the Map pane from the Panes menu, then click and drag images onto the map to set their location. Finally, click Save All to save the data to EXIF. You can learn more about the Map pane here:

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      This is pretty wrong method, as you will land with each image in a bit different place than the others. ACDSee is pretty dumb here (for long), not allowing to reuse existing pins on the map for some new images.
      The right method is to set location for one image, and then use Metadata copy (GPS info only)/paste functions to propagate it to other images for the same place.

      Tristan H ACDSee, could you please make map really usable after all these years?


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        Thanks for the suggestions - I'll give them both a try and hopefully come up with a method that meets my current needs.