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Enhancement Request: Duplicate Finder - Exclude Folder

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  • Enhancement Request: Duplicate Finder - Exclude Folder

    I am new to ACDSee and wondering if there is an official place for enhancement requests. I didn't see one so assume forum posts are reviewed by the company.

    In the duplicate finder, it would be very helpful to be able to add a folder to the search list that is marked as Exclude.
    The Pictures folder on my computer has subfolders for various dates and events. This is mirrored to OneDrive for family and friends to browse so I don't want to change the folder structure.
    Included in these subfolders is a Favorites for each year to summarize what I've been up to. Of course the duplicate finder sees a bunch of duplicates for everything in Favorites. If I could specify the root folder as Include, and the Favorites folder as Exclude then it would only show where I have true duplication.

    Alternatively, the ability to export the results of the Duplicate Finder to a text editor might allow me to zero in on items that are true duplicates.


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    Probably better to send requests for enhancement direct to ACDSee Customer care at
    ACDSee personnel involvement in this forum seems rather infrequent.