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    I've scanned a number of old photos from the 1920's and 1930's, and I'm trying to get my 88 year-old mother to identify the people in the photos. Being of that older generation, she doesn't understand technical issues, and her focus is diminished, so I want to make the viewing process as easy as possible for her. Here's what I'm trying to do:

    I've captioned a number of photos (using Ctrl+D) with people I know (i.e. "That's grandma on the left, grandpa's in the middle, but who's this on the right?") and I'd like to show her the photo as large as possible (full screen if possible) with the caption below it. As we're talking I could then edit the caption to add the missing person's name, then use the arrow keys or Page Down to move to the next photo.

    Is there a way to have both the photo and the caption show up in the viewer as I scroll?

    Thanks for any advice! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Originally posted by DWytmar View Post
    ..Is there a way to have both the photo and the caption show up in the viewer as I scroll?
    There are a number of ways of doing that. The following is based on using the Ultimate 2022 version but may also work with other versions.

    (a) You could prepare a set of photos with the ACDSee captions showing on them. see

    (b) Another option is to have both the film strip and properties pane open, and with the properties pane set to show the Metadata tab, so when you scroll through the photos in the film strip, the ACDSee caption (and notes) are shown, but the small size of the text may be an issue.

    (c) Another alternative is to use the slide show function.
    1. In Manage mode select a folder with images
    2. Select Tools>Configure Slide show.
    3. In slide show properties File Selection tab, set to "All media in current folder", and then tick the box at the bottom
    4. In Basic Tab set transitions, Variations, effects and background color to taste (would suggest None is a good starting point), and as a starting point the the slide duration 10 seconds.
    5. In Advanced Tab untick all the boxes except Autohide control bar
    6. In Text tab, tick "display footer text" , then set alignment to center background color to black , click on "insert Metadata Tab" and then choose ACDSee Metadata>Caption. Set font size and type to taste.
    7. Tick the "Save current settings as default. Then click on OK

    To use, select your folder, change to view mode, then select Tools>Slideshow.
    You can use the on screen controls that appear briefly as each image is displayed to pause as required.

    Probably only method (b) above allows for a relatively easy interactive edit of the caption when showing the photos.

    Hope that helps

    Edit: Of course you could also use Face recognition and display the face ID's in view mode, but if there are multiple faces the ID's can obscure one another.
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      Thank you Greyfox, this is workable.