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Saved search for Unlabeled items and for specific file types

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  • Saved search for Unlabeled items and for specific file types


    I am looking for a way to define a series of saved searches for my photo library on ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2022. Mostly it has worked well so far, except for two cases.
    1. Tagged but Unlabeled items: I would like to use this one to get the images that I have identified for editing, but not started work yet (those that I have started working on are yellow, and those finished are green). The search itself does work with the Properties as shown below, but when I save the search, the Label property does not get saved. As a result, I only get a saved search for tagged items. Any idea how I could do this via a saved search?
      Click image for larger version  Name:	SearchForTaggedAndUnlabeled.png Views:	0 Size:	18.6 KB ID:	58570
      (For the moment, I have started labeling Red the items that I would like to edit, but not yet started - but I would still like to know if the saved search above is achievable somehow)
    2. Search for specific file types: I would like to define a saved search that would get me my "keepers". As I am shooting almost exclusively RAW, editing a select few files, and exporting those to JPEG or TIFF, or PNG. Is there a way to include file types in the search terms, which when combined with other stuff like tagged or labels would give me my keepers? If there is another approach, I am open to suggestions.
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    The solution for the specific file types was so obvious that I didn't see it at first! :P

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SavedSearch-Exported.png
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      In your first screen shot you show a condition where "Label is <Click to Set>.
      You didn't mention that condition does produce the warning message as shown below
      Click image for larger version  Name:	Warning.jpg Views:	0 Size:	29.7 KB ID:	58576

      The options in the search panel for "Label" (is, is not, is any of, contains, starts with) all require the found items to have one of the possible Labels, that is Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple. There is no option for "is none of" or is "blank". So that search option, not being valid is not saved.

      I believe you can however quite easily get the end result you are looking for (Tagged but not labeled) by simply setting the condition in the Catalog Pane, Special items, to Tagged, and then setting the filter option to Unlabeled.

      Whilst the above method works here nicely, it is perhaps worth also noting that the criteria set up in the search pane appears to override the filter choices, so if you use the search pane to find all images that are tagged then setting the filter to unlabeled does not filter out those that are tagged but also labelled.


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        Thanks Greyfox . Yes, sorry about missing that warning message.

        Thanks for the alternative solutions. They all work perfectly. I was just looking for a one-click option that the saved search provides.

        I am still trying to find the ideal workflow for myself, and I think that I will move away from the "Tagged and unlabeled" and move to the much simpler Red label to indicate photos that I would like to edit but not yet started.