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  • Face detection - suggestions

    The face detection and face console have really improved ADCSee Ultimate 2022. There are still a few things that can be improved.

    Under "People Mode", Named person. If you right-click you got three options: Merge, Rename and Remove. Why not add "View" and "View All". Click View, and you will view that specific picture, "View All" you will list or view all pictures for the selected individual.

    Under "People Mode", Unnamed person. Same thing, if you right-click a "View" and "View All" would save me lots of time.

    How to handle faces you are not interested in? How do you best handle those? At this point, I have just ignored them. I could create a face called “Unknown”, and add them there, but that would most likely screw up the face detections in general. It could be an “Ignore” function. That means the face is identified but ignored. That means it will not pop up over and over again. There could then be an option to review the “Ignored” faces. This would most likely be the same as creating an “Unknown person” then manually reviewing these individuals. I am just spinning here. There is something here that could be improved.

    Pictures with more than one individual or group of people. I got no suggestions here. Other than that I find it time-consuming and difficult to manual highlight a face and give it a name. What would speed things up is the "View" and "View All" options, When in View mode you can use the "Face Tool." Currently, you can't jump to View mode from People mode.

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    For faces I am not interested in, I just remove the small frame around the face by clicking the X in frame.


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      Originally posted by brajaq View Post
      For faces I am not interested in, I just remove the small frame around the face by clicking the X in frame.
      I did that too. You will soon discover that face detection functionality brings the face back!


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        I do not think so, no unmamed faces reappeared.


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          Originally posted by mogle View Post
          Currently, you can't jump to View mode from People mode.
          In People mode, individual person, with "show face thumbnails" selected.
          Select the face thumbnail and click on View in the top menu bar.
          Takes you to the image that face was identified in, showing it in View Mode


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            Whether a Face ID box that has manually been deleted reappears depends on your settings. If in Toos/Options/Face Detection you have "Rerun Face Dection Ticked", and Automatic Face Detection enabled, then if ACDSee detects that the image has been changed since the last time face detection was run, then it will re-run face detection on that image again.

            You may find this explanation of how it works helpfull

            I'm having a problem with ACDSee Face Detection. The face suggestions has just seemed to stop at about 30-40 folders. It ran for about 30 folders and then quit. I don’t see any more new faces in the unnamed or suggestions in the named lists. I've tried re-running it with no improvement. While in People mode, the folder list


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              Thanks for this explanation.


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                @Grayfox Thanks for the explanation.

                I checked my setting for Face Detection, Return Face Detection was unclicked. Strange! I stopped deleting faces since they just kept repairing. I will s tart delete some again and see how it goes. Thanks.