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question about changing from a PC to a Mac

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  • question about changing from a PC to a Mac

    At present I have an old Toshiba PC (and like it), but I know it is on it's last leg and have made a commitment to get a new laptop before December. I don't like making purchasing decisions on computers because I really don't know the questions to ask. I am using ACDSee home 2018 at present. I will probably be 'upgrading acdsee/buying newer version' at the same time. If I switch to a Mac will all the information in the database for the ACDsee PC be able to to be switched over? Will there be difficulty in switching from using a PC to a Mac as far as ACDSee is concerned? I am assuming if I switch to a Mac I would then need to go with the ACDSee Mac version? My main use for laptop is ACDSee for photos (not a lot of editing, mostly organizing 200 - 300/month) and organizing scrapbooking supplies, using My Memories software for scrapbooking, and the typical use of the internet.

    I have an iphone and some individuals are saying to go with a Mac. Is it worth looking at a Mac? pros and cons?

    Other questions that should be asked in making a decision on a laptop?

    Debra B

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    I have both versions. I find that the Mac version is adequate for photo cataloging. I can easily share photos and metadata between the two by embedding all metadata to the file, then opening it with the other version, all of the metadata easily transfers between versions.

    Just be aware that the Mac version displays photo info in a different way than the PC version. Also the Mac version lags far behind the PC version when it comes to editing. I usually use the PC version for editing, but I usually use a third party editing application when I use the Mac.