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  • Action too fast.

    I have a problem which I have been unable to solve since getting Ultimate 22.
    It may be my laptop but having tried everything I can I have been unable to solve it.
    When I am in Manage Mode or Edit mode and I click on the delete button it will frequently not only delete the one I want deleted but also the next image also.
    I've tried every combination of Touch pad settings to no avail.
    Just wondering if anyone else as the problem or if there is a setting I am missing in ACDsee itself..
    I have to go into the recycle bin to restore the second one.
    Windows 10 Laptop.

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    I had a similar problem. I learned this from Greyfox. In AC under File Management: click the boxes for confirming delete files and/or folders. But that alone will not work. In Windows you must also set it up under Recycle Bin properties: General It will slow down your workflow but prevent inadvertent deletes. Hope that helps.


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      Thank You JBell although it means a extra button push it does prevent more than one image been deleted. Cheers