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Nothing Ever Changes for Mac Users

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  • Nothing Ever Changes for Mac Users

    Ever since the Mac version of ACDSee Photo was introduced many year ago, Mac users have been treated second rate with a version that doesn’t come anywhere near the Windows Ultimate version. Now with great fanfare they have a new version of Ultimate. It’ time ACDSee took Mac users seriously.

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    Hello Harpo,

    For the last few years, a full-time team of dedicated Mac developers has been working on ACDSee Mac, and they are currently working on version 9, to be released later this year.

    Please consider that ACDSee has 25 years of development on the windows side.



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      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your quick response and it’s nice to know your working on ACDSee for Mac at last.

      The Mac version has been around for well over 10 years, which includes the aborted Mac version, with this also the knowledge you have from the Windows version, surely that’s enough time?

      This has been talked about in the forum many times over the years.

      Kind regards,

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        Hello John,

        That is true; ACDSee Mac has been around for ten years. But, it's only been the last five years that we finally locked in on the development team, and the product was moved under my direct control.

        Please don't take all of this as making excuses -- that is my intent. Please be reassured that we will continue to develop with a full-time dedicated team -- Development & QA.

        All the best,


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          Hi Mark,

          I would like to thank you for both of your reply's, you have given me confidence the Mac version will be great.

          I run both the Windows version and Mac version on a virtual machine with VMWare Fusion, which I find both versions talk to one another. By that I mean, if I make an adjustment on one it carries over to the other version because the images are stored in one directory.

          Again thank you.