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  • Exporting To JPG

    I am curious how others handle the exporting of photos into JPG format. I export into 7 different sizes and degrees of compression. I then go back and delete all but the single photo I want to allot an amount of hard drive space to. For example, if the photo is a keeper but nothing I would ever print I might pick an exported file of less than 2MB. If it is something I would consider printing I'd pick one that exported between 2MB & 3MB. If it is a precious photo I'd pick something around or in excess of 3MB with low compression. I rarely see anyone else discuss the matter and am curious how others handle this.

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    As I said elsewhere, I don't export images unless I want to use them and have export presets ready for social media, print, etc. I keep the RAW files and have these backed up physically and to the cloud. I never cull: not everybody's choice of MO, but it is what I choose to do.


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      The majority of photos I take with my Sony Camera are taken as RAW, the exception being when I'm taking burst shots of animals (Continuous shooting). Photos taken with our smart phones are normally JPG.

      Like AliGW, I keep my source photos, both the RAW and the JPG unchanged in their original form, with any tweaks recorded in xmp files. I never crop the source images. I only crop and export copies as required for specific end uses, and I too have export presets set up for the most common uses. I personally don't use cloud storage, I use external drives for archiving with A, B and C sets used in an alternating backup routine. There is always one of those sets at a different premises. Storage space nowadays is relatively cheap.


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        Originally posted by DanVM View Post
        . . . if the photo is a keeper but nothing I would ever print . . .
        I wish I could like you predict the future, it would save me from keeping 12 TByte of raw files. Like Greyfox and AliGW. I export in to appropriate formats when needed.

        Originally posted by Greyfox View Post
        Storage space nowadays is relatively cheap.
        Hmm, I'm planning to replace my storage with three new 18TB HDDs, one for the server and two more for the backups. [sigh]


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          I do not want all my data be in the same place. So I have local backups and cloud ones too.