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Thumbnail display and increments... Question about media2.apl plugin

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  • Thumbnail display and increments... Question about media2.apl plugin

    This question is about the Media2.apl plug-in...

    Does anyone remember which version of AcdSee Photo manager (I am thinking it was AcdSee 4.0) or something like that where the user could adjust the delay in display of the mp4 file thumbnails so the thumbnail would display a foursquare (or even more) where each square within the thumbnail showed a different part of the .mp4 (like it would show the 5min. mark in square 1, 10min mark in square 2, 15min mark in square 3 etc... and each of these little squares comprised the entire thumbnail.)

    I remember it used to be adjustable when checking out the properties of the Media2.apl plug-in but as I now use the latest version (love it by the way), there are no options for this when looking at the Media2.apl properties.
    I miss adjustable feature feature as I have over 1000 mp4's that all basically show the same looking thumbnail because acdsee is only displaying the first few seconds of the mp4 within the foursquare of their thumbnail displays.

    Was wondering if anyone knew which old version of Acdsee had this media2.apl plug-in and if it could be brought back or if one could simply replace the current Media2.apl plug-in with the old one.