Things you should consider when choosing vacuum cleaners for small apartments

It’s reasonable not to purchase a big vacuum cleaner if you’re living in a small apartment. But if you don’t know how to choose a compact vacuum cleaner that can still meet your cleaning demand, then you may end up throwing money down the drain. So today, we will check out some essential factors you should consider to choose a good vacuum cleaner for your small apartment.

1. Floor type

Cleaning tiles or hardwood floors is very different from cleaning carpet floors. As you already know, upright vacuums are the top rated vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpet floors. That doesn't mean other vacuum cleaner types can’t excel at the job. But you have to pay attention to the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner to ensure it can give you the cleaning result you want for your apartment’s floors.

2. Shape and size

Our goal is to find a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t take much storage space but works effectively. Don’t go overboard and only look for handheld vacuums because these things are super compact but expand your cleaning session so much more. Handheld vacuums usually have small dust capacity, which is pretty annoying if you have to interrupt the cleaning process to empty the trash. In this case, stick vacuums seem like the best choice to save storage space while having enough dust capacity for a whole cleaning session. You can choose a cordless stick vacuum to stay out of tangle cord trouble if you feel needed.

3. Suction power

Suction power is usually proportionate with the shape and size of the vacuum cleaner. But thanks to the development of technology, nowadays we have more compact vacuum cleaners with suction power that’s good enough for cleaning apartments. A corded vacuum cleaner is known to have better suction power than a cordless vacuum cleaner. But if your apartment only has bare floors, then cordless vacuums are good enough for your needs.

4. Attachment

Even the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners in the world can’t work excellently without attachments. Every home, no matter how big or small, all have hard-to-reach areas. They all have nooks and crannies. A crevice tool is indispensable for a vacuum cleaner. It's general knowledge. But there are other attachments you should consider as well to make sure you can clean every corner of your apartment. For example, do you need the upholstery tool? Do you need the ceiling fan tool? Is the wand long enough to reach under your bed? Choose a vacuum cleaner that can work with all the attachments you need to meet your cleaning expectation.

5. Pet

Do you have a pet? Having pets in the apartment requires more effort to clean after them than having pets in a house with gardens. At least choose a vacuum cleaner that can get rid of pet hair on your furniture. You can even take a look at those vacuum cleaners with a self-cleaning brush roll and pet grooming tools to take better care of your pet and your apartment simultaneously.

6. HEPA filter

Last but not least, not a single vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have the HEPA filter can be the Best rated vacuum cleaners - Best vacuum cleaner brands on the market. Having allergies or not, the HEPA filter is necessary to keep the air clean and fresh for you. So no matter how good a vacuum cleaner is, even when it can meet all of the above factors, don’t purchase it if it doesn’t have the HEPA filter.

I hope you can now choose a good vacuum cleaner for your apartment based on these guidelines. No matter how big or small your apartment is, always take good care of it because it’s your home sweet home.